It’s never too late too get started!!

At the Ninja Dojo and Cross Training  we teach traditional Japanese martial arts, designed to develop the Mind, Body and Spirit. Having trained in multiple martial arts I believe that Ninjutsu is the most effective martial arts for self defense. Not only do we teach the nuts and bolts of techniques but teach strategy for defense, escape, and engaging with multiple opponents. The ninja developed techniques that were designed to stop a violent situation as quickly and effectively as possible, even when confronted by a larger, otherwise overpowering opponent. A principle concept in Ninjutsu is to use the strength of your entire body to attack a single weak point on your opponents body.  This principle is especially useful when you are smaller than your opponent (which is almost always the case when defending yourself) where sparing or sport fighting techniques would leave you at a disadvantage.   We also teach traditional swordsmanship and weapons in addition to techniques specific to the ninja which widen your understanding of martial art and help develop the warrior mindset. We also take a cross-training centered approach to physical fitness in order to develop body awareness, flexibility and general fitness. To learn more about our cross training classes visit the Cross Training Classes page.

Each class is unique but after the cross training class we typically start class with rolling practice. After rolling practice Sensei will generally demonstrate a few techniques that the class will then practice which will sometimes include weapons work. Following this the students will pare up with other students they are close in rank with and practice their “book work” or the material they are studying in order to progress to their next rank. After this there is free practice or randori which is designed to help improve your reaction to an unplanned attacks. Class is concluded with about 5 minutes of stretching to increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Safety is a top priority at Ninja Dojo and Cross Training. We spend a enormous amount of time teaching student to roll and break-fall as well as begin learning techniques very slowly and don’t start to speed things up until you as an individual are ready.  Not only does this ensure the safety of the student but forces you to learn the basics upon which we can build greater and greater skills. This is a cornerstone to any martial arts school worth its salt.

Our classes are open to adults 16 and up and of all physical abilities and we pride ourselves on offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for people from all walks of life. Our techniques, pace and speed are all completely scalable so wether you are weekend warrior who wants to get in better shape and learn some cool skills or are in the special forces and want to increase your understanding of hand to hand combat and physical fitness you will find our classes accommodating.

We offer a free class to anyone interested in joining our school. Please give us a call or text and be prepared to arrive 15 minutes before adult class.