At Ninja Dojo and Cross Training we employ a cross training centered approach to physical fitness to improve body awareness, muscle control and flexibility as it relates to martial arts. Cross training is defined as training in multiple fitness categories instead of specializing, like powerlifters and marathon runners do. At the beginning of a typical strength training day we warm up and then practice different holds to increase our balance and body awareness. After warm up we use calisthenics (which is a fancy term for body weight exercises) that are gymnastics inspired to build upper body strength. This means that we will be utilizing gymnastics rings and parallettes. Exercises done with these are excellent for developing tremendous strength, excellent shoulder and joint flexibility and stability, as well as providing a strong core. For lower body strength we incorporate free weight use. These exercises create the foundation of our physical fitness classes. In addition to the foundational exercises we will often employ sprints and plyometrics for explosive work and some endurance and cardio based fitness.

The goal of our cross training program is to improve your health and become ready for any challenge. All of our strength training is scaled to fit your specific level of fitness. You don’t need to be an amazing athlete or even in great physical fitness to gain something from our classes. Our goal is to help you achieve a higher level of fitness from where you are now, regardless of what level that may be.