What is Ninjutsu and Jujutsu?

Ninjutsu (or Ninpo) and Jujutsu is a collection of different martial arts studied by the Ninja and Samurai that were unified into single disciplines some 200 years ago that encompassed all the original teachings.  The martial arts we teach at Ninja Dojo and Cross Training have been refined and taught for nearly 900 years. Because of this the Ninjutsu and Jujutsu taught here provide some of the greatest and most holistic understanding of martial arts and self defense in the world.

Will I be challenged enough here?

Perhaps you’re young and want to be challenged and wonder why you should chose our dojo over, say, an MMA gym where physical endurance and “ground and pound” reign supreme. There’s many answers to this question but we will name a few. First, we train our students to not be one dimensional.  MMA is great as long as your attacker attacks you once you’re warmed up, the lighting is just right, you have your boxing clothes on, and they plan on fighting fair.  But, god forbid, you’re attacked when you take a wrong turn down an alley at night, there’s more than one attacker and they are armed. All of the sudden the techniques you learned in the MMA gym are no longer sufficient to defend yourself in this changed environment. Ninjutsu since its original conception was designed to keep you alive and unharmed in exactly such a situation.

Will I be able to keep up?

Now perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum and all this talk about being challenged and MMA fighting and what not has you intimidated. Don’t be (I know easier said than done). But, our dojo is committed to accommodating any level of fitness and background (after all we all start as a beginner). This is something that all the other students at the dojo will understand and respect. We are all here to help each other learn and grow as martial artist and people. And while it would be a lie to say that there won’t be times that you will indeed be challenged, I can promise that it will be a rewarding experience.

What is cross training, anyway?

Cross training has been all the rave lately, especially with the recent explosion of Crossfit. However, cross training is actually a very simple concept.  It simply means that instead of training to be really good at one thing like powerlifting or ultra-marathon running, you train in a variety of physical parameters so that you as an athlete that can respond to many different situations; which is perfect for a martial artist whose goal is self defense. And unlike Crossfit, where coaches push people to the point of complete exhaustion and often injury, we evaluate your current physical fitness and never push your limits so far that you may be injured.

Does being stronger make me a better fighter? 

Going off the last question, does getting in super good shape make me a good fighter? The answer is no. And its very important that you understand this.  What makes you a good fighter or successful in self-defense is your mindset, your emotional control, how well you know your techniques, your ability to think and plan ahead. These are what determine your success in this art. Physical fitness is a supplement to this. It gives you better spacial awareness of your own body and increase your endurance if the fight for some reason goes longer than what is idea. It is also very useful to be in good physical shape for other techniques specific to the ninja like stealth and climbing techniques. But what makes you a good fighter is learning the art of Ninjutsu and Jujutsu.

Do I have to participate in cross training classes?

It’s highly encouraged. Physical fitness is very important for a great number of reasons. That being said, for someone who is a complete beginner (and even for people who have exercised quite a lot in their lives) working out in a new way three times a week can be highly taxing on the body. Our goal isn’t to work you so hard that you break down, our goal is to make you stronger. Therefore, it’s absolutely encouraged that if you start to become exhausted you take a week off from cross training to rest (we would still like to see you for adult classes though). In fact, recovery weeks will likely be added where there are no cross training classes every six weeks or so.

But, I have my own gym/I don’t want to work out with you.

It’s not my responsibility to tell you what is best for you in your life, and it’s your decision. Our gym and training is tailored to you and your level and is designed to complement our martial art. It’s a great opportunity to improve your physical fitness and your life and I recommend that you participate if possible.

Is there sparing at Ninja Dojo and Cross Training?

We are a self defense based martial art and are centered around controlling a dangerous situation before it escalates and, if necessary, ending a violent situation by brutal means based on the intent of the attacker once a conflict has started. Because these things are either impossible or dangerous to train in this manner, we do not spare in the traditional sense and never compete in competition.

Does Ninja Dojo and Cross Training compete in competitions?

See above.

How do I get started?

We offer a free class to any one interested in joining our dojo. Just give us a call and come by the dojo 15 minutes early (please wear athletic clothes and socks).

Will I need to buy equipment?

Everything that you need to start training including a gi and belt will be provided for you when you start taking classes.